Coalition Building



Serve as a backbone organization to San Diego’s network of artists and arts and culture organizations - brokering partnerships and collaborations, creating summary documents or presentations, and implementing convenings that encourage foundations, legislative and non-arts nonprofit allies to support public, private and nonprofit investments in arts and culture. And support arts and culture sector professionals in learning from each other, managing through crisis, and rebuilding in a post-pandemic world with stronger, more relevant, sustainable cultural institutions.

Action Steps

  • Implement a robust marketing and communication strategy, including monthly newsletters, a new, up-to-date, revamped, and comprehensively designed website, and ongoing public messaging campaigns.

  • Launch a professional development program for emerging leaders in arts and culture that includes training in arts advocacy best practices, the fundamentals of arts administration, and opportunities to advance leadership skills.

  • Produce a day-long arts summit as a community touch-point, updating stakeholders on San Diego ART Matters policy and advocacy directions, soliciting community feedback, and engaging cross-sector experts to lend a broader context to the policy development process.


San Diego Rising Arts Leaders has evolved into a continuum of professional development programs for participants at every stage of career development in the arts and culture field.

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